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Stress Management for the Workplace

As stress in the workplace increases, productivity can go down. Employees will miss deadlines, file the wrong reports, and even frazzle away under the constant pressure of workplace stress. This course seeks to help you to understand the variables which contribute to stress, and it will provide you with several concepts and remedies which have been proven in the effort to reduce stress in the workplace.

This course is for managers and employees.

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Essentials of Comparative Management: Concepts and Cases

This course is intended for managers, but it can be adapted for an audience of employees. Focusing on Communication and Conflict Resolution, the concepts discussed include theory from modern research combined with historical models since before the founding of American politics and commerce. Comparing what works in the world vs. locally is not only relevant, but it provides a clear view of what your organization needs to maintain and improve productivity and purpose.

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Government Relations

We have years of experience working with lobbyists and legislators. We can help you navigate the complex world of government relations and communicate effectively with state and local officials so that your voice can be heard in the process of making new policy.

Notary Training

While this course is designed mostly for commissioned notaries public in the State of Utah, other variations of the course may be possible depending on your locality.


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Custom Courses for Your Business

If you like our whiteboard animations, we can create Custom Courses for your business that you can keep and use with your current and future employees.